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Bailey—founder of Bailey Li Interiors is a self-REALIZED interior designer and artist specializing in commercial and residential design. She is a curator of artfully inspired, “insanely” stylish spaces and is a creative visionary who has the ability to transform spaces into stunning environments through her discerning eye and her amazing ART WALLS.


Bailey has made a reputation for herself through her famous hand painted wall murals and textures that she envisions and paints herself without any formal training. Her breathtaking walls combined with her fresh and fearless design perspective are what make her stand out in the industry. 


Bailey, originally having a background in real estate and corporate sales, unknowingly began her journey into the world of interior design while working as a real estate agent in 2003. At the time, there was an influx of professionals from the increasingly expensive New York City market seeking to put down roots in Northern New Jersey. This created an increased demand for home staging services. Without thought, she began staging as a means for clients to easily visualize potential properties as a place to call home. What began as a need sparked her passion for interior design.Throughout her journey, she began to carefully hone her skills with each design. Every project was an opportunity to grow creatively by not only designing spaces, but it became an opportunity to birth an interior artist—one that conceptualizes and implements techniques for hand painted, textured walls as well as furniture design. Bailey has acquired knowledge from master upholsterers to create show stopping bespoke chairs and most recently a Bed that she and an architect designed ( pictured in the image on the left).  Bailey is also a master at  combining antique and rare vintage pieces with modern elements, colors, and textures that together combine to be masterful works of interior artistry. Naturally with her burgeoning artistry comes the unyielding need for broader creative expression. She satiates this need through careful collaboration with visual artists, fashion designers, and photographers to create installations and other works of arts placing her in the installation artist realm. Her ART INSTALLATIONS have not gone unnoticed; In October 2018, Bailey partnered with a collective of women from varied creative backgrounds to launch FEM/N/3D at the annual Newark Arts Festival. The exhibit contained large-scale installations and visual art by Bailey that garnered the attention of award-winning actress, comedian, and television host Whoopi Goldberg. Not only did Bailey’s work grab the actress’ attention upon entering the exhibit, but she walked away with two newly purchased pieces.The interior designer and artist goes by the belief that by transforming one’s space, you can transform their lives. She muses “Interior design has helped me uncover my true passion— bringing out the best in people by interpreting who they are at their core and translating that through their environments. The impact that my work has on my clients' lives is truly the reward I seek.”Bailey currently resides in the Valley Arts District of Orange, New Jersey. She dwells among a community of artists from various mediums— music, visual arts, and fashion—in a refurbished firehouse built in the late 1800s. She believes in immersing herself in the creative arts and surrounding herself with like-minded individuals as a means of continuous inspiration. Bailey recently Partnered with the famous Property Brothers and is listed as a featured designer on their Casaza furniture website. 


Her attention-grabbing work has been featured on NBC’S OPEN HOUSE NYC, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL MAGAZINEs’ Style Improvised, DESIGNERS TODAY MAGAZINES September 2020 fashion issue, NEW YORK MAG’s Curbed, Essence Magazine. House Beautiful listed Bailey as one of 29  Black Designers Making History and THE NEW YORK DESIGN CENTER named Bailey a rising star and Design Ambassador. Her work has also been mentioned in FAST COMPANY, Forbes,, Apartment Therapy, XONecole, PBS’s State of the Arts; a program highlighting extraordinary people, communities, and works of art from around the world to name a few. 

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